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You Deserve to Live Limitless

When you StretchFix consistently, you’ll feel limitless – and that’s the vibe for your clothing, too. In order to get the most out of your Fix, we encourage you to wear items that won’t limit your mobility. Tees, tanks, gym shorts, yoga pants, sweats and workout attire are all Fix friendly.
The better question might be: Why are other stretch places cold? At StretchFix, we’re science forward – and there’s plenty of data showing that higher muscle temperatures improve flexibility. Your Fix will be more comfortable and effective in our heated environment.
So glad you asked! Every Fixer is StretchFIX and NASM certified and has been rigorously trained to provide you with a safe, effective, progressive stretch experience. Our Fixers, like our clients, have diverse backgrounds that make them especially fit to provide VIP care, motivation and results.
Nope. At StretchFIX, our goal is to increase your mobility so that you can live limitless – and pain is at the opposite end of that spectrum. During any good, deep stretch, you may feel muscle tension – and you can increase or reduce intensity as you prefer. Your Fixer will be in constant communication with you during your Fix – you’ll be in total control of your comfort.
StretchFIX has an age minimum of 12 years old.
We have a Fix Formula for every body – and every goal! Most clients will benefit from one to two Fixes a week, though clients who have a busy competition schedule or who require significant assisted-stretch interventions may want to Fix more often at the beginning, then transition to a maintenance schedule. Your Fixer will invite you to co-create a Fix Formula that blends assisted-stretch Fixes, On Demand online classes and Group Stretch experiences to best fit your needs and budget.
We understand that a Fix session might feel intimidating to folks who are new to assisted stretch in Santa Clarita. While we don’t offer private Fixes, we can assure you that our StretchFIX community is warm, welcoming and inclusive. No matter your age, gender, fitness level or abilities, you’ll feel right at home at StretchFIX. If you’d like to Fix on your own, our On Demand online sessions may be a perfect fit.
StretchFix is conveniently located inside the ICE Recovery & Wellness Center in Valencia. If you’re searching for a stretch studio in Santa Clarita, look no farther than StretchFix. Find us LINK at 28368 Constellation Road, #390, in Valencia, California 91355.
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StretchFIX is Santa Clarita, California’s favorite assisted stretch boutique.

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