Your First FIX?

Here’s What to Expect


Step 1

We’lI Work Together to Complete a Thorough Initial Assessment

Your Fixer will perform a posture and movement analysis, as well as a full FIT3D scan, so you and your StretchFix team know where we’re starting – and where you want to go. We’ll even measure your body composition.


Step 2

Your First Fix

Choose from our Menu or ask for a recommendation. No matter what Fix you choose, it will be customized to your comfort level and goals. Plus, we’ll introduce you to our StretchFix mindset series of affirmations and mantras so you can Fix your mind at the same time.


Step 3

Craft your Fix Formula

After you’ve enjoyed your First Fix, you’ll want to get your next Fix on the schedule. Just like anything that nourishes you, consistency is key! Your Fixer will recommend a progressive plan that best coordinates with your goals. Combine 1-on-1 Fixes with our Group Stretches and On Demand content so you always have a Fix when you need it!

We Keep You Moving Forward

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Access to our On Demand StretchFIX library of corrective stretch videos to get your daily Fix at home, at work or while traveling; jump into one of our Group Fix sessions and keep Fixing! You’ll schedule your next FitBody 3D scan to see the results of your Fix Formula.

Need to Stretch in Santa Clarita?

StretchFIX is Santa Clarita, California’s most innovative stretch location, offering science-backed assisted stretching combined with therapeutic heat and mindset work. Book your First Fix in our Valencia, California location today.