Seeing Where & How your Body is Changing

StretchFIX is Proud to Partner with FIT3D

How do you get where you want to go?
That all depends on where you start.

FIT3D for Comprehensive Data & Baseline Analytics
FIT3D’s three high-fidelity depth-sensing cameras, integrated weight and balance scale and innovative wellness software precisely report metrics and measurements so there’s no guesswork – just a comprehensive plan for results.

Your Fixer will help you interpret your data so you can gain a full understanding of where you are – and craft a Fix Formula that can get you where you want to go.

Objectively Measure your Results

How do you get where you want to go?
That all depends on where you start.

You’ll know by the way you feel – and FIT3D data that measures your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, visceral fat levels, BMR figures and more – plus establishes your baseline posture, weight distribution and load. We can measure your progress together – and make refinements along the way for exponential improvements on the screen and in your daily life.

Bonus: Your first scan is FREE!

Protect your Privacy

FIT3D is passive and touchless – just stand on the machine for a few seconds. That’s it. And you can review your reports and progress any time via our personalized web portal that’s safe, private and convenient.

See & Feel the Difference

Want to stretch – but don’t know where to start? Stretch in Santa Clarita with StretchFIX’s First Fix, which includes a FREE body scan.