FIX in Valencia

Get Your Fix


Too-tight hips? Hammies hurting? All you need is a heated room and some helping hands – because we have the Fix for you. Leave feeling more comfortable with improved range of motion and a pep in your step.


Big game – or big date? {Wink!} When all eyes are on you, get Fixed first! Improve power and endurance with a performance-enhancing Fix that’s backed by science and a favorite among elite athletes.


You’ll have an attitude of gratitude for your Fixer (And life!) after your assisted stretch – because mindset work is part of every Fix. You’ll feel lighter and healthier – mind, body and spirit.

The best in assisted stretch in Santa Clarita, California is here at StretchFIX. We’re located in ICE Recovery & Wellness Center in Valencia.

28368 Constellation Road, Suite 390
Valencia, CA
(661) 592-9587