What’s Your Fix Formula?

No one gets fixed “overnight.” Choosing a life of limitless mobility means that you’re committed to making assisted stretch a priority. Lucky for you, StretchFIX puts the “fun” in “functional!”

Blend our Fix menu with On Demand and Group Stretch classes for a Fix Formula that invigorates your body and calms your mind.

Quick Fixes are 25-minute Stretch Sessions

Complete Fixes are 50-minute Stretch Sessions

The Fix Menu

Complete Fix

A head-to-toe assisted stretch that engages all major muscle groups for a full-body release that feels amazing

Performance Fix

Increase strength and power before a big game, run or workout to maximize muscle activation and performance

Flow Fix

This dynamic, calorie-burning assisted stretch feels a little like a yoga flow practice – and a lot like the best stretch of your life

Posture Fix

Move like you’ve never once been slumped over a computer with a corrective Fix that focuses on the muscles that support the spine

Stress Fix

Sustained, restorative stretches blend with breathwork for a Fix that is deeply relaxing and centering

Longevity Fix

You’ll call it the Fountain of Youth Fix because these stretches are magic for joint range of motion and overall mobility

Core Fix

Build strength in core muscle groups with contract-relax stretching that simultaneously improves range of motion

The Mindset Fix is Part of Every Fix Session

Improve mind-body connection and resilience with customized meditations and affirmations that can inspire positive habit formation and nurture your overall health and wellness. All assisted-stretch Fixes are performed in our heated StretchFIX boutique studio in Valencia, California.